5 Reasons Why You Need It

A college consultant can guide students safely through the college application process.

It’s officially spring, everyone! With the warm weather come thoughts of summer…and before you know it, fall will be here, along with the college application process. Whether you are the parent of a college-age student or a college-bound student yourself, spring is the perfect time to start thinking and talking in depth about those college options.

Many families opt to pursue the college application process on their own. However, not everyone is aware of the importance of following a particular timeline and procedure in terms of selecting the right college for an individual student. Believe it or not, there IS a correct way to approach this often-daunting task.

So what should you do? At Omniac Education, we are strong proponents of using college consultants. A college consultant is a person who is professionally trained to guide students through the college process, from the initial school list to the final all-important college essay.

Hiring a consultant can definitely be an investment. So why should you do it? Here are five good reasons:

Reason #1: Find the perfect fit

Every student is different, and has unique needs and preferences in terms of higher education. Although choosing schools from a list of thousands can be overwhelming, some schools will simply be a better fit than others. A college consultant’s job is to sift through the many options and narrow them down to a list that fits YOU.

Reason #2: Get it right the first time

Imagine trying to navigate through all the confusion of the college application process, only to realize that you’ve botched the essay, missed a deadline, or simply chose the wrong school for your tastes and needs. Unfortunately, many students and families find themselves in this situation. Making a major error in the process may mean that you have to redo applications unnecessarily, costing you precious time and money! College consultants are able to guide you through the process step-by-step, ensuring that nothing is missed along the way.

Reason #3: Keep a competitive edge

With students in constant competition for coveted spots at top-tier universities, families may struggle to find the edge needed to secure a place. Students need to have a truly outstanding application, with a superb essay, and not a line out of place. This need for near-perfection is a source of anxiety for many families, but with their level of expertise, college consultants are a great way to ensure that you or your child really has that extra bit of “oomph”.

Reason #4: Lower your stress levels

Let’s face it: the whole college application process is just plain stressful. But it doesn’t need to be! What could be better than turning the whole thing over to someone who truly understands the ins and outs and can instruct you throughout each step? Using the skills of a college consultant takes the pressure off and allows students and parents to really enjoy the last year or so of high school. Let your consultant do the heavy lifting!

Reason #5: Save big bucks!

Although hiring a college consultant may seem like a big expense in the short-term, it can actually save you a massive amount of money in the long term. Why? Because consultants know exactly how to save you money through scholarships, grants, and identifying the best schools in terms of financial options. Omniac college consultants are well-versed in finding the ideal financial fit for each student, making the intial investment well worth it.