How To Make Sure That You Get Into Top MBA Programs

In the maddening race for business school admissions, competing with an overwhelming number of applicants, how do you stand out? How do you make sure that you can get into those coveted MBA programs? You are always left wondering as to what went wrong – were you lacking in work experience, was your GPA too low?

But the simple thing that you need to remember is that gaining admittance into a prestigious business school is all about hard work and rigorous preparation. Read on to find out more.

Tackling the GMAT

Hopefully, at this stage of your preparation you have decided that MBA School is the place where you want to be. Now that you have figured out your education path, it’s about time you began preparing for it by taking the GMAT. The Graduate Management Aptitude Test is an internationally accepted business school admission test. It is this beast that you need to bring down. It may be too late to change your undergraduate GPA, but with methodical study you can achieve a high score – high above the average of any business school.

Remember the GMAT is not an easy exam to take. It is four long hours of mental struggle. If quantitative has always been your weakness, begin studying for it first. Set up a study plan that you can follow. Note that every question on the GMAT counts and the more you work on your weak areas and take practice tests, the better your scores will be. This score is a very important deciding factor for your MBA admissions.

Fixing your Resume

Any MBA admissions package needs a resume that details your work and educational experience. It’s never too late to spruce up your resume. Once you have made the decision to pursue an MBA, think about what you can do to boost your professional brand through the resume. Are there any community involvement experiences that you can talk about? Did you receive a promotion? Make sure that your most significant achievements are mentioned on your resume.

The dreaded MBA essays

Every school will have its own set of essays but if you look closely then you will find a common thread running through all the questions. The essays will ask you to talk about your strengths and weaknesses, your personal motivations, your short-term and long-term career goals, and some unique characteristic pertaining to you. There are MBA essay editing services to help you out if you struggle with English or writing. But these can sometimes be very expensive.

So the question that comes up here is – do I need to take help from an MBA admissions consultant? Well, this is purely your choice. The best advice here is to make your essay personalized rather than standardized. It is better to work out your essays on your own infusing them with your personal experiences. However, if you feel that writing is not your forte then by all means contact an MBA admissions consultant to help you with the essays. Remember, the difference between a successful and rejected applicant can be the way you project your brand through the essays.

Getting those Recommendations

Most MBA schools request for two recommendations, mostly from people who have worked with you as colleagues or supervisors. However, only take recommendations from people who know your work personally and professionally. It doesn’t matter what their designation is as long as they can recommend you with conviction and supplement all that you have stated in your essays. A recommendation is about bringing out a different facet to your personality, something you don’t know about, and that will restate all the qualities that you have talked about in your essays.

Ace the Interview

Now that you have reached the interview stage, you have to convince the admissions committee that you are ‘The’ candidate. Prepare well for the interview. Know everything that you can about the program. Most importantly, find the answer to this question – Why is this program the right one for me?  How will it help me achieve my goals?

With consistent and systematic preparation, you can get into the top b-school of your choice.