How to Write a Good Admission Essay

Foreground: In the current educational scenario, a sound and convincing Admission Essay is the sine quo non for gaining admission into a prestigious and reputed educational institution for pursuing further studies in technical, artistic or management disciplines. While most students do dream of making it big through schools like Berkeley, Loma Linda or Harvard, they do not even have the faintest idea how to get there, least of all on how to scaffold an impressive and convincing Admission Essay, which is indeed the first step towards eventful and exciting baccalaureate, or post baccalaureate studies.

There are indeed some valuable tips and pieces of advice this author would like to share with the readers on how to scaffold and sustain a solid piece of Admission Essay writing that could offer strong contention for admissibility in prestigious learning centers and institutions, although, by itself it cannot guarantee admissions.

Any aspirant knows that nowadays, getting admissions into famous and prominent Universities is indeed a tough job, given the degree of competition and high achievement levels to be attained. For an average student, such a gain is more in the realms of fantasy than reality. However all is not lost and there is no harm in trying.

Well constructed, robust and well presented Admission Essay: Indeed the quality, standards and depth of an Admission Essay mirrors the personality of the writer and whether he could be deemed fit to gain admission into this seat of learning. It needs not only one’s dreams and passions to be somebody in life but should also be able to offer strong convictions to the Admission Officers regarding one’s suitability and fitness to diligently and wholeheartedly pursue a tough and demanding course till its very end. In case the selected student fails to deliver, it is indeed at the expense of another equally competent aspirant who could have provided full justice, should s/he have been admitted. Thus the Admission think tanks and administrators do try to do their very best to ensure that only deserving, reliable and suitable candidates are selected.

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Be Yourself: By trying to fool the Admission Selectors, one is just able to fool oneself. These selectors are trained and experienced to smell doubts a mile away, and would do just that. While it is human nature to present an exalted picture of self, it should be natural and genuine and not intended to present oneself in a light that is nonexistent. Truth alone triumphs is an adage that is relevant in Admission Essays too. Presentations of facts and data must be in a clear cut, succinct and concise manner, minus the verbal histrionics and penchant for pomposity. The flow must be short enough to be engaging and long enough to inform. Please do offer data and information on personal background, academic attainments and performances, curricular and extracurricular activities and most importantly an honest appraisal of why one thinks he or she is suitable for this course and why it is needed to be gained from this very institution of learning. The latter part should be couched in pragmatic and down-to-earth statements and not emotional or sentimental gushes about one’s personal feelings about the course, or the institution.

Why does one wish to choose this course: While there may be many answers and viewpoints for choice, the best ones would be in terms of aligning it with one’s personality, mindset and academic preferences. It is better to state that one is inclined to believe that one could pursue this domain till a Doctoral Degree level rather than say that this is a childhood dream or aspiration… this would help one pursue needed community advancement and progression rather than this is a lucrative course which offers a great deal of financial motivation.

Why does one choose this institution: Admission Administrators do not really usually fall in line with the bait of this is the best institution of its kind and so on. Focus on the individual and state that this is a place where one could pursue one’s academic preferences without any kind of interferences or barriers, could work sole heartedly and focused towards achieving pre set goals and objectives and this institution offers conducive and favorable academic environment for wholeheartedly pursing academic studies with highest possibilities of scholarly success and accomplishments. Its academic environment provides the right atmosphere to pursue serious studies which this student is inclined to engage in.

Answers need to come from the heart and be refreshingly candid: Remember that an Admission Officer can zero on false and inconsistent statements and it is in the aspirant’s own academic interests to be sincere and upfront. While the tone and character of this essay needs to be business like, formal albeit succinct, it also needs to be powerful and charismatic. A cursory reading of this essay would need to convince the readers that this is indeed solid material that could be pursued further and not an ordinary, run-in-the –mill presentation that is as insincere as it is banal. Focus on the strengths and opportunities.

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When in doubt, introspect: When there is a dilemma on whether a piece of information needed to be included or omitted, argue on whether this data would serve to strengthen or weaken a case. For instance, if the aspirant missed two semesters due to recurring health debility, including this would mean acceptance of poor health. One could reassure this by stating that in the subsequent periods, the student ranked with distinction, allaying all fears and doubts about one’s state of health.

There is need to avoid clichés, overused and trite propositions: Originality and uniqueness are two major areas that the Admission Officers are looking for and it is important that these are provided in no small measures. It is more judicious to state performance, achievements or accomplishments rather than harp on positions held or designations gained. Success is measured on what is done and achieved and not what is planned but not executed.

Display a sense of humility, openness, candor and willingness to learn: Remember that an Admission Essay is the first step to advanced academic learning and not the ultimate goal. The roads to learning still beckon and there is much to learn, starting now. Thus, it is not only important but also imperative that the right bugles are sounded. This Admission Essay should strive to manifest that one is willing to learn from past mistakes, not repeat them as well as offer eagerness, positive inquisitiveness and keen sense of learning, even for the smallest matter.

The last word: Finally, it is important that these genres of essay serve three aspects, firstly offering your best foot forward, secondly, seeking to convince them about one’s genuine competency to gain admissibility and finally, doing this within the time and space allotted to the Admission Essayer. Indeed this piece of essay writing should strive to present oneself in the honest light that they seek and not in the perspective of what one would like to offer. Therefore it is necessary to know their needs to fulfill them as much as possible, without seeking refuge in subterfuge or deception to achieve one’s goal and objective, viz., seeking admission in a good Learning Center of advanced learning resources in order to improve one’s future employment, employability and career prospects.