Studying Abroad: Choosing The Right Destination

What Should I go for, a Master’s in Germany or in U.S.?

Will it be more cost effective if I get my Bachelor’s here and then move abroad for higher studies?

You might be able to connect with these questions at some level or the other. Moving abroad to pursue higher education seems like a lucrative offer you just can’t resist. You might be thinking about the amazing frats you’ll be a part of, the friends you’ll make, the exposure you’ll get and last but not the least, loads of money that you’ll earn.

But, keeping in mind the hard earned money your parents will be putting at stake and the property you’ll be mortgaging to go for an education loan, it’s quite imperative to give some things a serious thought.

The foremost and the most significant one being, the country or destination you’ll be choosing to pursue your studies in. Picking the subject for your majors or specialization can be relatively straight forward but picking the study destination requires great deal of thinking and decision making at your end.

This takes us through a brief discussion wherein factors to be kept in mind while choosing the country will be pondered over.

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What should you keep in mind?

Before selecting and finalizing the destination, introspect and ask these questions from yourself.

What language would you prefer to study in?

What style of education you want?

What are the employment prospects after you complete your qualification?

These questions might prove to be daunting but are equally significant to determine the country you’ll be studying in. The key factors can be found as discussed below:

• Study Language:

This might be the most crucial factor in choosing the destination to study in. Picking the language will help you to be decisive regarding the country you want to choose. For example, if English is your preferred language, then you might find The UK, USA and Australia as the foremost options.

The institutions in USA and UK account for the top 10 universities in the world rankings.

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• The Education style:

The teaching style you want to receive is also an important factor in deciding the place to study abroad. Different countries have different ways in which courses are imparted to the students. If you prefer to learn independently and all by yourself then education in UK would be appropriate whereas if you want a well guided and directed style of teaching then getting a degree in the U.S.A would be the most preferable alternative. Moreover, Australia might be the right option if you want the best of both worlds.

• Getting the VISA:

Once you are clear regarding your option based on the language and education style, it’s imperative for you to consider other factors like the Student VISA on priority basis. Simply put, you can’t leave home without one!

The application process varies according to the destination and duration of course.

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• Study Costs:

For many students this is the most important factor in deciding the study destination for a specific course. An overseas degree in any course or specialization can vary in cost from country to country and from region to region.

Alongside the tuition fees there are various other expenses like travelling, accommodation, health services and insurance which you’ll have to manage. It might be the case that you’ll have to work part time to manage these expenses while studying. Hence, choose the country keeping in mind the expenses you’ll have to bear.

• Employment Opportunities:

This is the most important factor that you’ll have to consider as soon as you finish with your education. Considering the education loan you have to pay back and the expenses you’ll have to take care of, getting a job profile suitable according to your qualification is an important thing to be kept in mind. The course you’ll be pursuing has to have sufficient opportunities for you to lead a comfortable life abroad.

As a matter of fact, the qualifications secured in some countries don’t yield high paying jobs in another. Hence, make sure to check the course and degree validity across the globe.

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• Environment and Safety:

Apart from the things mentioned above, the environment you’ll be living in is also a crucial deciding factor. Obviously you wouldn’t want to stay in a country which is socially unstable and provides hindrances to your studies while staying abroad.

Your safety is equally important. With the world changing every day, there might be a potential for some problems at the destination of your choice. Make sure to go through the safety warnings beforehand and keep yourself updated with the contact details of various concerned authorities in that area.

Henceforth, the points mentioned above clearly indicate that there are multiple things you need to consider before taking the flight to the country of your choice abroad. Things will work out fine. Just be patient, be alert!