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Technical Higher Education

Technical Higher Education

Specialized Technical Higher Education institutions are often, in many locations, becoming stylish choices of learners who are not trying to go to excellent institutions and change the globe. If you just want to be ready for a certain job, these are really the locations for […]

Private schools

Private schools

Students are better able to enjoy and to learn because they do not have the stress of making the grade. This prepares them to stressful activities with that pleasant balance to reduce stress and live a healthier lifestyle. In addition, by balancing required a learning […]

On Adult Education: Challenges that Adult Learners are Facing

On Adult Education: Challenges that Adult Learners are Facing

It is natural for every student to encounter challenges in context to education. Skyrocketing fees, scarcity of ideas for course works, finding value in the lectures and not even mentioning the emotional and psychological pressures that every student are facing. In most cases, these challenges make the whole academic ride worth it.

The same is not lost for adult learners who are having their second, third or fourth shot of formal education. In some way, the aforementioned challenges are even doubled, tripled or even magnified to a number of times in intensity. Developments in the education sector are giving these learners further push towards taking up adult education.

Online programs, MOOCS, and even the local community programs are providing an interesting spin set for these more mature learners to take. And while this proffer promises of betterment ricocheting from personal life to careers, the continuing education is not without its own set of challenges.

To give you an idea of what adult learners may feel inside the education institution, some of the challenges have been outline on this article. There maybe other factors that does not affect all the adult learners.


Embarrassment, humiliation, infamy, or shame – there’s obviously a wealth of terms to refer to the adult learners’ inner feelings. Of course, this is not likely applicable to learners who have finished their tertiary degrees and are only returning for a master’s or any such like. Rather, shame is oft-felt and experienced by those who are returning after failing to meet some requirements or exams (A-levels or GCSEs).

Some adult learners also suffer from illiteracy. As a consequence, such learners go to the trouble of hiding it. According to Maria Burke, director of Literacy Volunteers of Essex/Franklin Counties, “Common avoidance techniques include finding an excuse to steer clear of reading aloud, hiding their writing from others or committing everything to memory to avoid jotting things down.” It is not easy to share any shortcomings to other students which may become the source of bullying.

Technological proficiency

When people think of generational gaps, one cannot help but take note of the differing technologies in between. A favourite victim of this variance is adult learners. Some would not know how to use the Internet, and some hardly know how to operate the computer. Easy as it seems, learning new technologies is not really easy for some students since some of them are afraid to learn new stuff. Technophobia may look like nonsense stuff but there are really people who just dislike new technologies.

Grappling with the basics can hinder chances of optimising the ease of communicating via the computer or Internet, as is with learning. Good thing, most learning facilities start with diagnostic tests in order to indicate what level the learner is currently taking and how best to proceed.

Apart from the computer and Internet, adult learners also experience difficulty in using some mobile gadgets. It seems to be a prerequisite to be able to learn to handle new stuff since they are required in one way or another. Interestingly, increased engaged exposure to such gadgets can spell a remarkable difference in the way adult learners catch up in the whole technological wave.

Grasping new concepts

Some concepts encountered at class require the discarding of commonly held views. This can be difficult for adult learners simply because these views may have been long with them and might – through their experience – be more valid (ie, makes more sense) than the introduced concept.

This is a tricky case. Adult tutors are nevertheless, trained to face such hurdles and are armed with convincing stories, anecdotes or facts. Adult learners, on the other hand, have to exhibit open-mindedness.

One of the issues related to grasping new concepts is attention and retention. It is a good thing that as one grows older, he will be able to retain more information and has much longer attention time compared to younger ones. However, it is said that because of modern technologies, the attention time of human being has been decreased. Perhaps due to information overload.

Without this open view, it would be difficult for adult learners to chew upon the introduced lesson and could even cause delay.

Time management

Another stuff that could instantly trouble adult learner is juggling education with a whole variety of chores. In “Beyond Skepticism,” Molly Corbett Broad mentioned the following figure: “About two-thirds of American college students now are post-traditional learners whose pursuit of additional knowledge and skill is interlaced with time commitments to jobs and family responsibilities.”

Even those adult who have a clear track record of a smooth schedule cannot help but admit that adult education can add a kick of punch in their neatly organised calendars. And it is always a fact, that getting more education will certainly add more edge over those who have not. Due to the busy schedules, most adult learners will resort to buying dissertations despite the competence and availability of learning resources.

Access to resources

Relevant resources used in education consist of the printed and the paperless. Those printed resources are oft-found in the library, yet the number of users (including younger students) could render these resources inaccessible to the adult learning population.

Interestingly, lots of free materials evade the Internet, computers and mobile devices. However, unless adult learners conquer their technological difficulties, these free resources will remain untapped, as well. They can still get better information from printed library resources however they have to read large number of references and have to browse through the indices to be able to arrive at best resources that they may find relevant. Learning to use the internet will certainly cut the work required to get projects or researches to be done successfully.

The adult learning facilitators will have a tough role to play in the sea of challenges their adult learners will face. Perhaps, with a little more faith, the learner’s confidence shouldn’t be eroded. It has also to keep in mind that every student has his/her own work and problems to attend aside from schooling. Thus, being more considerate and patience to the learners’ need is really important. Support from the adult learners’ family could also boost their chances into conquering these challenges and making it.

How to Write a Good Admission Essay

How to Write a Good Admission Essay

Foreground: In the current educational scenario, a sound and convincing Admission Essay is the sine quo non for gaining admission into a prestigious and reputed educational institution for pursuing further studies in technical, artistic or management disciplines. While most students do dream of making it […]

Studying Abroad: Choosing The Right Destination

Studying Abroad: Choosing The Right Destination

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Get Effective Online Essay Writing Service for the Best Essay

Get Effective Online Essay Writing Service for the Best Essay

So often the college and university students are at a loss when they have to hand in the best possible essay to get good grades. This is not to say that they cannot think up good sentences or perfect grammar, but often a professional and experienced writer can deliver the goods better for the candidates. Writing an essay or even a dissertation especially at the college level is not a cakewalk. You pull all nighters poring over text books and reference books only to find that no concrete idea is taking shape. That becomes quite frustrating to say the least. This is where the professional online writing services come into play for the students to hire the authors of their choices. Essay writing here is an efficient online writing service which provides the students and clients effectively well written contents.

There is a great demarcation between general essay writing and academic writing. You need to fill out some simple steps to hire any writer. Let us check out what they are. You need to fill out an online form with the required details and make the payments for the kind of essay or writing which you would be ordering. Now the essay is being written by any of the experienced writers and you just wait for it to be finished and mailed to your electronic mailbox. In many companies, there are writers who specialize in various niches and you can take your pick from them among the various online authors.

Expert Essay Writer

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The personal information and data which are provided to your writers are kept strictly confidential. The turnaround time is pretty quick and if any requirement don’t meet with your approval, it is reworked upon. There are provisions also for a refund allowance. So these are some of the best parts about working with working with an online essay service who deals with term papers.

There are so many online essay writing services providing contents in different niches that it is indeed difficult to pick out the right company for your personal needs. Often there are urgent needs and then there are no options left except to hire a professional writer. One can shape out a general essay but writing a custom essay or dissertation requires a huge amount of effort, toil, time and energy.

Essay Writing Service

Some firms have database also with the writer details on them so that you can select the person of your choice. As it is, reading about the previous client feedbacks or testimonials would provide an insight into the company work format.


These are some of the advantages of hiring an online writing service. You can touch base with them anytime by giving a call or through online chats. The constant availability of these writers also makes it easy for client communication. So the next time you hire an essay writing firm, keep these pointers in mind.

Importance of College Education

Importance of College Education

When students attend college, they gain information and skills which will not only help them for the four years they will be studying in college, but for the rest of their life. For this reason, students should strive to pursue education beyond high school. In […]

Ways of Choosing the Right University

Ways of Choosing the Right University

There are many universities in the world, each with different capacity to offer education. Some universities are poorly equipped limiting their ability to provide quality education. These universities are under staffed, their laboratories are not properly equipped and their lecturers are poorly paid such universities […]

Why Do We Need to Study?

Why Do We Need to Study?

When it comes to such a provoking issue as the process of study, we may face two sides: those who believe that every respected person should have higher education and those who think that secondary education is enough. Of course, there are paper writing companies out there, that will help you with any school. So, this article will regard these two sides and after reviewing some cons and pros, we will try to determine whether we need to get higher education or not.

To begin with, let’s regard some reasons for getting education. So, those people who are for higher education believe that if we want to become successful it is of vital importance to have higher education because it greatly broadens our minds and we may ask for higher positions and higher salaries than those who are not educated enough. What is more, if you are an educated person it is easier to realize how our world exists and what we can expert in future.

The other reason why people do have to study in higher education institutions is the fact that we learn how to cooperate, communicate, solve problems and insist on the desired things throughout the educational journey. Indeed, once we are studying we learn how to submit the papers in time, where to buy research paper and how to convince the teacher that you have written the assignment on your own. Thus, once we graduate we are familiar with the mentioned above issues and we are ready to step in the real world. Finally, if a person keeps on studying while his or her peers are working, he or she is able to enjoy more his/her life and to remain in the teen’s age.

Meanwhile, when it comes to those who are against getting higher education, we have to say that they believe that a person does not need to spend his or her time on getting higher education because he or she needs to work and earn money for the living. It is good when a teen has parents who help him or her but what if you don’t have anybody to pay for your study?

Besides, those who are against higher education claim that once you start working, you mature at once. So, the more you study the more time you need to mature.

The other reason to start working after getting secondary education is the fact that you earn money and you become more independent and you start to decide on your own. While your peers are still asking their parents to give them money, you earn your own money. Sounds great, right?

However, people who are for getting higher educationstate that this is true only at the beginning. Once you have a diploma, you may take advantage of getting higher salary and more comfortable working conditions.

To sum up, we cannot find an exact answer whether it is of vital importance to get higher education or not. In fact, everything depends on person’s abilities, way of living and private issues.

How to Create the Perfect Class Schedule

How to Create the Perfect Class Schedule

One of the best things about college is that you get to create your own class schedule. Working within the course catalogue offerings, you can put together a class schedule that works for you. This means you can leave time to work a part-time job, […]